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Each day an old man walked along the beach, picking up starfish, that had been washed up on the shore by the tide, and threw them back into the sea..

One day a young boy stopped the old man and asked Why do you throw the Starfish back into the sea? It dosent matter. They will only wash up on the shore tomorrow. The Old Man bent over, picked up another and threw it as far as he could into the sea, and replied... it made a difference to that one.




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We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help

   As the economy gets sluggish, many people are trying to survive due to cut backs, lay-offs and plant closings. Many are moving to greener pastures and not taking their pets with them. Some just leave them in a vacated house or trailer, many are turned into the Animal Shelter before they leave. Others turn them into the shelter because they can not afford to feed them. We Need Your Help, They Need Your Help. !!!!

   Many Volunteer Opportunities are Available and YOUR help is needed, They Need your Help. Maybe you have only a couple of hours each week or month to spare and help save a life. Give us a call at 812-752-7500 and we can plug you into your nitch.

   What we have listed below are not all the categories, you may have a talent not listed but which we could use.

   Some of the categories do not have a description because you could possibly fill  in.


Foster Homes

You can help our volunteer group save adoptable dogs, puppies, cats and kittens from being euthanized and give them the opportunity of a bright future. Our foster families ensure that these guys have a secure haven until they can be adopted into forever homes or transported to rescue groups . We provide the food, supplies, and medical care. You supply the love, attention, socialization and patience.

 The rewards are incredible - a wet kiss, a purr, a wagging tail, and the knowledge that your foster dog or cat is going to a "forever" home.

For more information Contact Us or call 812-752-7500. 

Help At Adoption Fairs

We always need volunteers to help at adoption Fairs. We hold these functions nearly every Saturday of the Month at various locations such as Petsmart in Clarksville and occasionally we are asked to participate in special event adoption fairs locally.


Many of our Foster Homes bring their Foster Dogs and Cats and we need additional individules to help screen prospective adoptors, walk the pets, and various other duties which are necessary.  


Transport Help

  Rescue is a very important part of most humane societies and the Humane Society of Scott County, Indiana. feels the same way. 

  Without the many groups that we work with in various states, many of our animals would never have the chance to find good homes. We work with groups in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky on a regular basis. The groups that we work with are completely checked out to be sure they are good, solid organizations who will find the best possible homes for the animals we send their way. 

  You Can Help by becoming a transporter in our underground railroad. Normally we may go as far as Franklin or Indianapolis and the animals are transferred to another road warrior who hands them off to another who meets with the receiving rescue group. Normally you would want to drive a Mini Van size vehicle. We furnish the animals and crates.  

  If you drive a smaller car, you can still help on the shorter runs with fewer animals ! 

We have purchased a 12 Passenger Cargo Size Van which can be used to transport dogs and some cats to the above Rescues. Often we meet Rescue Groups and transfer the animals to their Van.

We need drivers for Our Van also.

  For more information call or e-mail us and one of our volunteers will contact you. 

Help With Cat Adoptions 

Our Cats Have a new home, and we need volunteers to help at the facility at 1206 South Taylor Mill Rd, across from Amberly Point which Total Concepts of Design is allowing us to use.

Maybe you can give one evening a week or month but your help is needed to socialize the cats, help with adoptions and feed the cats. Contact us at 812-752-7500 . 

Fund Raising

Join in with our Fund Raising Commitee, Without funding and donations, we are not able to continue with what we do. Many of the Functions are.

Bake Sales

Our Annual Garage Sale

Grant Writing

Or What Ever New Ideas We Can Come Up With 


Volunteer Outreach


As we grow, new volunteers are needed for everday opportunities. We are looking for those who can step up and work with those who express an intrest and educate them on the overall operation.


Spay/ Neuter Education


We work with the SNIP Clinic as a transport partner in Louisville Ky. Each month arrangement are made for this Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic to pick up Cats and Dogs from through out our community at our Adoption Center and bring them back for the owner to pick up the next day, fixed. Alot of planning is required and we need help setting up reservations, crates, and sanitize crates for the next transport.  

We receive requests from various shools in the community to present programs on pet care and the importance of Spay/Neuter. Maybe you could help in this area. 









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