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One At A Time

Each day an old man walked along the beach, picking up starfish, that had been washed up on the shore by the tide, and threw them back into the sea..

One day a young boy stopped the old man and asked Why do you throw the Starfish back into the sea? It dosent matter. They will only wash up on the shore tomorrow. The Old Man bent over, picked up another and threw it as far as he could into the sea, and replied... it made a difference to that one.




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Tom Tom , (aka Mr. Bojangles)

This one blind-sighted us and hit hard, but we lost our Tom Tom, our Springer/Brittany Mix, Wednesday , August 11, 2010.

 Sir. Tom as we called him, until he lost his sir, was just a plane good dog who loved everyone and danced his joyful hunting dog dance every time he saw something that made him happy.

 Tom came to us from the Salem Indiana Shelter, 9 years ago as a heart worm positive dog. We were going to treat him and send him on to a good , forever home but his incredible personality found its way into our hearts and we became a "failed foster home".

 Tom Tom would always be the guinea pig whenever we brought home a new "temporary" because Tom would accept them no matter what and he would help us gauge a new dog's personality.

  Tom will be missed, and is survived by two brothers and two sisters, all from various shelters , along with three cats that he just ignored.


 The blank spot is really raw right now.... this one was tough ... So, for all you have done for us,

  This one is for you Tom !

Come On Back And Dance

And Dance...And Dance...And Dance      

 Thank you for listening.