Penny Gardner


I’ll never forget the day I first saw “Penny.” Her owners had moved out of their home and left her tied to a tree with no food or water. This beautiful little 1-1/2 year old cocker spaniel . . . skinny, dirty, sick . . . . and abandoned. My dad, Jay Shull, found out about her and took care of her for six days before the owner returned and said we could have this beautiful little dog. After a trip to the vet and groomer, I took Penny home to meet Martin, our other dog, all the while wondering if they would get along. But at first glance . . . they were in love! They were inseparable . . . constant companions . . . best friends. All they wanted was to be together . . . and so they were for 14 years.

When Martin passed away on February 26, 2010, Penny was heartbroken. She had been completely healthy, but suddenly she started having health problems. It seemed her zest for life was gone . . . we knew she missed her Martin. Eleven months after Martin passed away, our precious little Penny joined him in heaven. She passed away peacefully while in our arms. Finally, she was where she wanted to be . . . with Martin . . . the love of her life.

Penny was truly a blessing to us all . . . she was beautiful inside and out. She gave us abundant love, joy and happiness, and we miss her more than words can say, but we do have peace in knowing that she is with her “beloved Martin” in heaven. We love you Penny . . . you will live forever in our hearts.


Carol and Buff Gardner

Penny and Martin 8/11/1995 – 1/29/2011.....Together forever!