In Memory of Ringo




Ringo Dine Young 1997 - 2014



Named for none other than "the" Ringo, Ringo Starr, Ringo Dine Young Became the secound four-legged child in the Dine Young family when he was adopted from a shelter in Cincinnati Ohio. He joined his kitten-sister Emmy Lou and the two grew together as the only "children" in the family for a number of years. Ringas never fond of change, of which there was a great deal as family members (two and four-legged) were added . A member of the family for so long, he grew from frisky kitten, to neurotic cat, to grumpy old man. He was especially good at asserting his boundaries, but those who knew him best knew his kind heart and inner desire to cuddle

Ringo, the guard, the king of the house, the neurotic, yet loveable, grumpy man will be missed..