Transport to Rescue




Transport Van -

     One of the major accomplishments in 2011 was the purchase of our Transport Van. In the past, we had to beg, barrow and rent, transportation to shuttle animals to various locations through out the region.  Often, due to the size of an individual’s vehicle we were not able to transport as many animals as we would like. The next step was the rental of a Cargo Van but, rental rates were skyrocketing and logistics of renting one was becoming a problem.

     In the spring of 2011, after years of setting funds aside, our search started. We wanted a Van that had rear air and heat so the animals were comfortable in the winter and summer. We found that a used Cargo Van cost as much as a used 12 passenger Van yet the Cargo Van was not insulated or did not have air and heat in the back area. Many people serched the internet and car dealers for the right vehicle. Donations were made by various individuals and finally in October we found a 2004 Chateau Club 12 passenger van with 34m miles, in Columbus Ohio which had been sent to the local auction due to being stolen and Captain Chairs being removed .  We didn't need Captain Chairs, only the space in back.

    The van was brought back to the dealer in Columbus. After going over it, we drove it back to Scottsburg on a Friday and the following day it transported 33 homeless pets to rescue.



More To Come